So, How Does This Work?

Buy A Day

Buy a Day:

Days start at $1 on January 1st and increase by $1 every day, until December 31st when the price is $365.

Pay via PayPal:

Paypal accepts all major credit cards, checking accounts, etc. It’s safe, secure, and free to sign up!


What You Do

Fill out a short questionnaire:

Just answer a few easy questions about your product, service, business and so on and so forth and we’ll take it from there.

More info:

Give us your website to promote and a little backstory on you or your product, service or business. If you have samples of a product or any company swag (XL t-shirts is best) go ahead and send them — it helps us to promote your product. We’ll post to our heart’s content about your product or service and you or your business for the entire day. That is of course, unless you bought more than one day, than you’re really in for a treat.

What I Do

On your big day, it’s all about you. I will be all over my social media platforms promoting your product.  This will include (at a minimum) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course Youtube.

Every time I open my mouth, your business name comes out.

Tips For Success

Tell people to tune-in on your day and participate in the action – post, tweet, share, vote, comment, and everything else a good social networker does.

To EXPLODE your day, work with us to create a contest or giveaway.  These events will attract more people and will ultimately lead to more interaction with potential customers.  Let's get on the phone and figure out an amazing add-on for your success!

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